Although my site has been converted to my hobbies and past love of Road Racing I
have found another new endeavor with the Polaris Slingshot.
As such it has been evident from the beginning that several vendors have taken the
opportunity to strip as much cash from owners as possible. This page I hope will help
owners install and purchase off the shelf quality products and a fraction of the crazy
buy from us vendors out there.
I have owned a Slingshot for just about one year now and it has been a very reliable
and robust machine capable of long distance travel and comfort and high level of
Contrary to vendors commentary the Slingshot will accept off the shelf
adjustable automotive shocks such as QA1. At a fraction of the price and
multiple levels of adjust ability the QA1 offers the owner dampening
rebound and spring rate adjustments.
Pay $1800 dollars for a single adjustable set of shocks from a vendor or
build a fully adjustable suspension for about $1000.
Its your money
Hood and fender vents:
Its a fact the Slingshots hood has been skeletonized.
One such location is the OEM plastic non vented hood
ornament in the center.
With nothing more than a steady hand and Dremel you can
evacuate the heat from your engine compartment and turn
the decoration into function. One Dealer has a vent available
for $199 for about $10 dollars of effort and materials.
This simple change is free. Other choices include a set of $40
racing fender vents.
Oil catch cans:
I have seen another item for sale called oil catch cans. A
good device which separates the oil from air and can be
baffled or un baffled to reduce oil from being drawn
under vacuum back into the intake manifold. Its also
used in racing for keeping pooling oil from getting onto
the track surface buy having a tank catching the vent
from your valve cover.
The vendors part was advertised for $199 which seems
to be the magical Slingshot price but can be purchased
for under $50 all day long and under $100 for a baffled
unit all day long.
Take a look in ebay and take your wife to diner with the
balance and then some!
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